Monday, May 4, 2009

History of the "Dilhole"

So I should probably lay the background of how the Dilhole came to be. If you have some time, and if your reading this you must have some, you might want to kick back, grab a drink...and maybe a slice of cake, to enjoy this little bit of history.

It was about 8 years ago and we had just moved in to our new house in Eldon, MO. I was feeling a bit domestic and thought it would be a nice idea to take on the task of baking a cake. I was getting everything prepped and ready to go...oven pre-heated, utensils out, mixing bowls, etc. Everything was ready to go and I was greasing the pan for the oven. But you know, sometimes the makers of cake mixes should take in the fact that some folks might just be a little domestically challenged. As I turned the box over to read the directions, I read that you are apparently supposed to grease the bottom of the pan...NOWHERE on the box does it say WHERE to grease the I proceed to turn the pan over and grease the BOTTOM of the pan. That's right, I grease the bottom pan. Is is so hard to explain that the bottom of the pan in question is actually the inside bottom of the pan. Of course this was THE topic of discussion around the house for weeks and weeks. Thus, a Dilhole was born. And from that point on, everything that has happened involving me and, what some people might think is common sense, to me is an opportunity to a profoundly stupid way.

Stay tuned for more dilhole moments they develop.


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